Is it Possible to Download & Use Facetime on Android ? Facetime Alternatives for Android

Launched by Apple, exclusively for its users, Facetime is a viral video chatting application which comes preinstalled on all Apple devices, be it mobiles, Mac desktops, laptops or any other platform. The unparalleled popularity of the app has created an intense demand amongst Android users looking to make use of this application on their Android devices as well. Here we would explore its various possibilities.

Is it Possible to Use Facetime on Android?

Facetime is video Apple messenger that comes integrated into all Apple devices. In Apple mobiles, it is integrated with the phone dialer. It is as easy to make a video call to another Apple use as it is to dial a number. Unfortunately given the Apple’s reputation of safeguarding its intellectual property with aggression, it has not released any Android version for the Android platform. It has also shown no inclination to do so in the near future. The Facetime app has a locked technology and allows only two iOS users to video chat with each other. Moreover, you can get the app exclusively on the Apple store and not on any other store like the Google store. Thus, you cannot use the Facetime App on the Android platform.

Download Facetime App for Android

You might come across many on the internet that they have found a way to make the Facetime app work on the Android platform and offer you its download link. From our side, we would like to warn our readers against them. Most of them are corrupted and even carry malware. None of them can keep their promises and you might end up harming your system. Till date, the hack to making the Apple messenger work on the Android platform has not been created. Thus, it is best not be swept away by this fad.

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Best Facetime Alternatives for Android 2018

Till date, Android does not have the integrated video chatting feature like the iOS platform. Thus, while this feature cannot be taken advantage of and you cannot use the Facetime app on the Android platform; it does not mean that Android users will feel left out. There are several Facetime alternatives that work absolutely terrific on the Android platform and allow you to connect with users of all platforms like Windows, iOS etc. We list below some of the best applications for Android platform as an alternative to the ubiquitous Apple messenger.


Skype best Facetime Alternative

None can contest the popularity of the Skype app for video chatting on both computers as well as mobile devices. Topping the chart of cross-platform support, its interface stability as well as free features has garnered it a commendable size of users. It allows free video and audio calls between two parties who have the Skype app installed on their devices along with the traditional messaging system. For a nominal price, you can purchase minutes and call actual phone numbers from the app. It also allows for free group chat as well as desktop sharing. On the flip side, it does have some bugs that could do with some fixing but it does not bother to such an extent that people cannot enjoy a seamless experience. Around since 2003, it is definitely the best alternative to the Apple messenger.

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Going by the popularity of Facebook, its messenger service constitutes the easiest alternative to Facetime app. Most Smartphones comes with the app pre-installed on it which makes using it a natural choice. Since the app is quite ubiquitous, signing-in is also a breeze. The app also allows a group video chat of up to six people. With almost everyone using Facebook, it is effortless to connect with almost anybody on the app. The app does have its flaws with Facebook trying to introduce new features regularly but it does get the job done. Moreover, it does not cost you any dime.




whatsapp messenger

Today, it is difficult to find any Smartphone without Whatsapp Application . The app has given messaging and even email, a run for their money. It is not bragging when we state that it has also given the social media sites, a stiff challenge as well. The application keeps improving every day. With video calling added to it, the app has been heading the forefront of video chatting applications. Free to use, the app works seamlessly on Android, iOS as well as Windows. Moreover, it offers messaging and call encryption for enhanced security to its users. The app keeps adding features in-demand to keep delighting its users. It is little wonder that the app finds popularity across all users of any OS.



Google Hangout

google hangouts

It’s only a few years that Google Hangout has replaced Google Talk, its native chat app. Since then, it has not only improved itself tremendously but has also grown phenomenally popular. Its mandatory requirement as with all Google services is to have a Gmail account. This does not pose any problem as most Android users already have an existing Gmail account. Google has also launched this app version compatible with iOS which truly delights all Apple users. Another advantage that this app offers is that while most Facetime application fares better with wireless connectivity, this app fares better standard cellular data. The app is massively cross-platform and allows free messaging, video chatting including group video calling of up to 10 people at one go. The app comes integrated with other Google services like Google voice which further enhances the functionality of the app. It allows free calling amongst all Hangout users as well as within U.S and Canada. The data latency management is far better than Facebook messenger which gives it a distinct edge. For all other calls, it does charge a nominal fee which varies region and country wise. The app has been enjoying an unbridled popularity.

Google Duo

Google Duo

This is another offering of Google but is more refined and specialized than Hangout. Many tout it as the Facetime version for Android platform. This massively cross-platform app offers you live simple video chat service. All it requires is that both parties have this app installed on their device. The app integrates with your mobile number and you can seamlessly dial a video call to the other person. It does not require you to have a Google account like the Hangout. The app’s knock-knock feature which allows you to see the caller before you respond to the call finds an extremely positive response. It’s modern smart design and message encryption security further delights especially the young generation and thus is extremely popular amongst them. The simplicity and increased integration of the app with the Android application makes its one of the most natural video calling app.


viber calling app

Viber might not match the league of Skype or facetime or Google Duo bit it has managed to carve a niche for itself. Initially, it started out as a text and audio marketing app but upgraded itself to a video chat application to stand amidst intense competition. While most other video chatting applications started as a desktop application to later migrate to the mobile platform; Viber was straightaway designed for the mobile platform. Thus, it boasts of an exceptionally clean and intuitive design which appeals to many. The flip side of Viber is that it offers basics of everything and is seriously limited to Viber users. It does not allow calls, messages etc. to non-Viber users. However, it allows a group chat of even up to 200 people which gives it an edge.  You can easily share videos, pictures and even in-app games. Its stickers need to be purchased to oomph up your conversation. If you need to call mobiles or landlines, you would be required to pay.


Tango Video Calling app

Released in 2009, Tango has been built primarily for the Android platform. Thus, it offers optimal hardware optimization and offering you an exceptionally high call quality as well as seamless user experience. With a free signup, it provides you with voice and video calls, text as well as image chat. To boost its spread, it facilitates sending text messages as well as email invites to your friends to sign up an account on this platform. Being a relatively app, it goes a step further than being a mere communication tool and functions as a social platform as well. It’s ‘Discover’ feature allows you to meet new people and connect with them. You can even play in-app games with them and explore various other contents on its platform. Its in-apps need to be purchased which can be then be customized and used to spice up your chats and video calling.

Wrapping Up

Today, one is spoilt for choices as far as video chatting alternate applications to Facetime application is concerned. There are numerous other similar apps available like Glide, ooVoo, IMO and many more. The app you choose would be determined by what most of your friends are using and what has taken your fancy. You can always experiment and test out apps and finally decide which one you love the most. Obviously, you would also need to convince your group about using the app too.  Irrespective of the app choice, fun and connection would keep growing.

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