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Facetime is a cool video chatting application that allows you seamless chatting with your friends and families. Since this app has been developed by Apple Company for its users exclusively, it comes preinstalled on all iPhones, iPad, MacBook or any other Apple product. The spectacular performance and features of the app have made it so in-demand that the app was highly coveted by users of other platforms like Windows, Android etc. In this write-up, we would be throwing light on the app and how to download and install Facetime App on various Windows platform.

facetime for pc

Features of the Facetime App

Apple as a brand is known for offering you nothing but the best and this app is no exception. It provides you numerous exceptional features that cut all competition from similar apps, far behind. Few of its leading features are:-

  • The Facetime app has no risk attached to it for your device. You can use it without any worries
  • Since the app is an official app, anyone across the length and breadth of the globe can use it.
  • The app allows you to make voice calls as well as video calls.
  • The extremely user-friendly interface of the app enables almost every user to use it with utmost ease.
  • The audio quality of the app is touted by its users as better than a regular phone connection while its video quality is HD which is the very best available today. The resolution will obviously depend on the device that is being used. When you are speaking to the other person over this app, it provides you a real-time experience and you almost feel as if the other person is beside you talking face-to-face. All these qualities ensure you a silky smooth experience thereby making it the top choice for any international calls.
  • The app does not require any individual account or screen name. You can easily connect to any person by searching for their phone numbers or Apple id. You can even make an audio call to a person who is not using the app.
  • The app allows you to convert your audio call into video and vice versa at any point in the call without facing any measurable interruption or lag. All it requires is a single tap.
  • The Facetime app allows you plenty of flexibility over your call. You can ‘mute’ it anytime during the call which makes the other person see you but not hear you. You can also do the reverse when you can only be heard and not seen. You also have the option to pause your video chat at any point in time to resume back when you are ready or stop the streaming of video anytime.
  • The app also gives you the option to make the other person see at the other end of your visual by making use of the rear camera through the Facetime app.
  • Provided you have an excellent data speed; you can easily initiate a group conference with a bunch of your buddies or business associates. You can form a group of about 9 to 10 people at one go.
  • You have the option to lock or hide other calls if you desire.
  • The app allows you to sync all your contacts from user address book to it as well as connects you to anybody who is using this app. You can even create a ‘Favorite’ list of those contacts with whom you need to communicate frequently.
  • The app allows you a unique navigability feature. It means that you quickly navigate to another app while you are using this app. You can efficiently use another app while on the call with the friend as you would see your friend at the corner of the screen as a preview.
  • Above all, the app gives you lightning speed and accuracy with any problems like delays or crashes which makes it one of the most coveted apps. The app runs seamlessly even when you are using another app.

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Facetime for PC | Facetime on Windows 10 / 8 / 7  Possible ? 

The Facetime app was developed primarily for the iOS platform and thus it does not have any particular version for Windows. Moreover, Apple is extremely vigilant about the security of all its products. Hence, there is no authentic version of Facetime iOS messenger for PC available. Facetime is not an open industry standard and thus it does not work in compatibility with other software. It is not a cross-platform application and essentially remains an authentic Apple messenger. It only works between two iOS devices and any user from Windows cannot make a call to Facetime nor receive any call from the app. Regardless of whether you have Windows 10 or Windows 8, 7 or even Vista, you cannot use the Facetime application on it.”It is not possible to use Facetime app on Windows Computer”.

 Facetime alternatives for Windows PC

The present world is of stiff competition. No matter how good and robust your app is, you are bound to find other apps which are almost the same app like and thus provide you with a bounty of choices. Thus, there is no need for Windows users to be disappointed because they cannot use the Apple messenger for pc. There are numerous video chatting applications which can easily be run on the Windows interface and you can connect both socially as well as professionally with just about anyone. You can use various other apps like Facetime alternatives and reap its features. Few of those leading alternatives are:-


skype facetime alternative

Skype is undoubtedly the most popular and highly appreciated alternative to Facetime. A Microsoft product, it offers numerous free features like sending and receiving free instant messages, photos, videos, files etc. of any size, video and audio calling, both rear and front camera calling, group calling etc. The video and voice quality is above average. The app even allows you to share your desktop. Skype syncs seamlessly with numerous platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS etc. This makes it a very versatile app. However, few of its advanced features attract a charge which can vary from extremely nominal to reasonable.



This is another video chatting application that provides you with a high quality of video and audio. Launched in 2007, the app has garnered a significant user base till date. The app works on all platforms desktop, notebook, mobiles, tablets etc. It not only facilitates video and photo messaging but also allows you to put your first five friends, families or clients on speed dial for instant connectivity. Boasting of a robust chat interface, it allows over a dozen people to video chat in a group effortlessly. It has noise cancellation algorithms working on the voice signals which cut down on any static overwhelming the voices. Requiring the minimal of bandwidth, its performance on 3G connection is also commendable. With it, you can display your video status message on your profile and even share it with friends. Not only can you record your video calls but you can also make use of colorful creative filters for them. It is completely free of cost but does support ads. For an ad-free experience, you can opt for its premium version which costs you an extremely nominal amount.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Facetime Alternatives

This app hardly needs any introduction. Accessible through Gmail, the app offers you a bounty of features like free audio and video calling, texting, sharing of audios and videos, sharing of updates etc. It allows easy connectivity to any ten people at one go on your contact list as long as they also use the app. It also allows you to form your own circle and share all kinds of messages between them. Being massively cross-platform, its ease of use is commendable across varied platforms. Its data management latency is commendable.  Unlike Facetime which works, best in a wireless internet connection, this app shows a better performance with cellular data rates. Being completely free; its user count is significant.


Initially, Viber was just an audio and video chatting app but finding itself face to face with stiff competition; it upgraded itself to a video calling application as well. The app was initially designed with a mobile interface in mind but is today working awesome on desktop and laptops as well. On the flip side, it does not allow you any communication with users outside the app service. Despite this, its popularity is unabated.


Tango was launched in 2009, it was primarily designed for the android platform but today it works seamlessly on the Windows platform as well. Because of it being an Android based app, this app promises of the maximum hardware optimization. This is the telling feature behind a smooth user experience and a highly improved voice call. A no-hassle video, audio and chat messages app, it is a robust all-purpose communication tool between all those who have signed up for the app. The app is known for its full-fledged social network capability. Providing you so much more than mere video call; the app can be the ultimate jam.


Line Video Calling App

This is another top-rated cross-platform app that is widely used around the world. It lets you indulge in free audio and video chatting including free messaging. Despite being a more messaging-centric app, it has some unique features which generate some die-hard fans of it. It allows for some unique ways to add friends like shaking it together or adding friends via ID or QR code. While chatting with your friends, you can add fun to your interaction by using hilarious and fun stickers of famous characters as well as unique emojis.



A complete communication package, it offers you everything that any top-notch video application offers be it messaging or audio and video calls. With over 100 million users to date, it offers absolutely free services over the internet. You can group chat with over 500 people at one go and spice up your interaction with some wonderful stickers and much more. Being cross-platform, it works across all platforms. All that is required is both sides should have the same application.

Facetime for Windows Phone | Is it Possible ? 

While the Facetime app can be made functional on the Windows PC, it is not possible to do the same on the Windows phone. This is because the app was originally designed to work only on iOS platform and its adapted version to other platforms has not been released. Regarding the mobile platform, it remains exclusive to the iOS platform.

Facetime Alternatives to Windows Phones

Many users are disappointed about not being able to use the Facetime app on their non-iOS app but it need not be the case. All the apps mentioned above as alternatives to Facetime app on Windows PC are also functional on the Windows phones as well. Few other apps that are a terrific alternative to Facetime on these phones are:-


The app offers you almost all facilities that you get with Facetime but what makes it unique is its capability to record brief video clips to be sent or shared between friends any time you like. It easily supports group chat of up to 50 persons and sending of texts as well. All these features make it a compelling app. The fact that it works seamlessly across all platforms adds to its popularity.


iMovicha is another terrific video chatting application that works across all platforms and devices.  It needs 3G connection and above for a seamless performance. Garnering spectacular success, it gives a close rivalry to the Facetime app.

Wrapping up  : It goes without saying that the Facetime app does enjoy a cutting edge above most similar video chatting application but its limitations create the need to have other apps that would lack its hindrances. Thus, you have ample flexibility of using the Facetime app on Windows PC and enjoying its alternatives on your Windows phones.

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