Skype vs FaceTime | Best Video Calling App with Low Bandwidth & Video Quality

Skype Vs Facetime : The present era is of video communication. Regardless of your personal or professional requirements; video communication software has become a default entity. Many of them are free to download and offer you free voice and video calls between two parties having the same software. Not so long ago, Skype was the ultimate ruler with no serious contender. The unparalleled success of this gift from Windows made other giants join the bandwagon. The Consequence was the Apple’s gift of FaceTime. In a short space of time, FaceTime has managed to gain phenomenal success and has given a serious competition to Skype. Hence, it makes sense now to put both the software head-to-head and decide the ultimate winner, worthy of ruling the roost! Since Facetime works only on the iOS surface, we would compare both the apps on the iOS platform. Stay hooked!

facetime vs Skype

Skype vs Facetime Video Calling App | Main Differences


The Skype interface was pretty decent on the iOS platform until the release of its latest version 5. The latest version was so heavy on the iOS platform that many users actually migrated back to the old version. Moreover, the iOS Skype version pales in comparison to the Skype version on the Windows or the Android platform.

In contrast, Facetime comes as an inbuilt app on the iOS platform and gives you a true always-ready experience. The lack of configuration and setting options makes it easy for the users to use the app. All one needs to do is tap your regular contact list and choose the Facetime app to connect to the other iOS user.


Skype works seamlessly with both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity while Facetime works only over Wi-Fi. Very few carriers support Facetime calls over cellular. Even then, the quality is questionable.


Facetime is a closed configuration app which performs only on the iOS platform while Skype is massively cross-platform and works seamlessly across all platforms. Thus, Skype comfortably outruns Facetime in this department.

Performance- Video & Audio Quality

It is a little tricky path to tread as the quality of both video and audio is predominantly dependent on the internet connectivity and speed. Nevertheless, the video and audio quality of Facetime can be rated superior between two iOS platforms. Facetime manifests no syncing audio-video problem and can offer you incredibly high quality HD video chats even at 1-Mbps connection. Skype also offers you HD quality of your Skype version are 4.2 or higher. Both apps support full-screen video. However, the audio quality of Skype tends to lapse sometimes and even lose sync with the video. Many Skype users have also reported of the video calls getting stops abruptly once in a while.

Getting the verdict

Both Facetime and Skype app have their advantages and disadvantages and give a close contest to each other. Facetime proves superior between two iOS users but Skype gives you the cross-platform advantage as well as allows you to stay connected through video while on the go as it supports cellular connection.  Facetime also requires an initial cost to download while Skype is absolutely free of cost. Thus, on the basis of your requirement, you can choose the most appropriate app.

Games to Play over Facetime or Skype

Video conversation has become ubiquitous. There are now numerous apps that look to maintain their lead by offering something more to its users. Skype and Facetime are no exception. To kill and boring and dull moments between the conversation both apps have introduced various types of conversation games. These games spice up the interaction and actually help you strengthen your relationship bond. Since both apps support such games, we would walk you through some of the top conversation games that you can entertain yourself with using either of the apps and make your conversation more lively and interesting.

  • Song Lyrics

The games find great favor with all music buffs. It also proves a welcoming relief game to indulge in at the end of the day as it helps you drain out the stress and fatigue. The game is pretty self-explanatory. You have the entire conversation via the lyrics of popular songs or you simply text a song lyric which the other person needs to guess. Point systems and penalty systems can be introduced here to encourage a healthy competitiveness and fun in the game.

  • Would You Rather

It is a perfect game if you have struck some new friends and are looking forward to knowing that person in a better way. Here you simply type, ‘Would you rather —————OR—————–?’ and send it to your friend. The other person has to fill it up. The answers provide a surprising twist and actually help you to know your partner in a better manner.

  • Play Charades

It is a fun-filled and exciting game that you can play over your video chat. The game is thrilling even when played between two persons or even in a group chat when all are looking for some excitement. Here you just act out the name of the movie or a famous scene fro it while keeping your lips sealed and the other person or team have to guess the movie name. Point system or penalty, spice up the game further. It is a thrilling way to kill the boredom just about at any point in time.

  • Build-a-story

It is a great game to indulge in when you are chatting with your family or friends and have kids involved as well. You start the game by texting a word which your friends add words turn by turn to build a phrase and unbelievable story. The game can be easily played even among adults with naughty grown-up innuendos thrown in. The game is bound to throw surprising and hilarious twists and turns which will have you hold your belly with laughter.

There are numerous other games available like ‘truth or dare’; ‘last letter’, ‘two truths and one lie’ etc. The list is endless. You can enhance the fun by adding some wonderful emojis along the way. Both apps allow you free access to it. Regardless of your choice of app, you are guaranteed to have fun all the way.

Hope we have differentiated all the major differences between Skype & Facetime App.In terms of Quality and Performance Facetime outperforms Skype by huge Margin.But Main Plus Point of Skype Video Calling is “It Supports Cross Platform “

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  1. Both Facetime and Skype are quality voice and video calls software’s. But I would still vote for Skype b/c it has superior voice quality as compared to Facetime. However, recently, I have discovered another very good alternative: R-HUB`s HD video conferencing servers and it beats both Skype and Facetime.

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