How to Fix Facetime “Waiting for Activation” Error Message on iPhone / iPad

Apple has an unbridled reputation that had garnered hardcore fans for all its devices. Many people refuse to touch any other device except that of Apple. Following its unique technology, Apple offers its users some unique apps which are exclusive to the iOS platform. One of the exclusive apps offered to them is the class-apart video chatting application Facetime . The video and audio calling app needs to be activated first. However, sometimes it encounters activation errors. Here we would walk you through various aspects of understanding the problem and fixing it.

Fix Facetime’s Activation Error

Recognizing the Symptoms

When trying to activate Facetime for the first time or otherwise, you can get any of the error messages like ‘Waiting for activation,’ ‘Activation unsuccessful,’ ‘an error occurred during activation,’ ‘Facetime not connecting.’ etc. More often than not, you encounter these messages after updating your mobile iOS to the latest version or you are opening it after an extremely long time. You may also encounter such messages with a grayed out number and a spinning wheel beside it. This problem is extremely tough to resolve. Hence, if you ever encounter this problem; it’s best to retain a cool head and tackle the problem in a calm and methodical manner.

Before Any Troubleshooting Steps

Any problems means taking a practical approach to resolving it and looking into the basics first which can easily go amiss and cause a big problem. Few of those basic steps to take especially in iOS 8 and above are:-

  • Foremost, ensure that your number is listed in the Phone app, on top of ‘Contacts.’ If not, you need to first do it via Settings<< Phone << My Number<< key in your number and click ok.
  • The date, time and time zone needs to be correct. Any error here can cause the error message, ‘Facetime not working’ to crop up.
  • Check your Wi-Fi and internet connectivity. If you encounter error message with WI-Fi-, you can try switching to cellular connectivity and check once again.
  • Sometimes, the app can take up to a day to activate. Thus, you need to wait at least for a day or more before getting into the troubleshooting.
  • Sometimes, the message sent out for activation is levied an international SMS. You must have sufficient finds to let the job get completed seamlessly.

How to Fix FaceTime “Waiting for Activation” Error


Troubleshoot “Facetime Not Available” :

Troubleshooting the Activation Message

  • Hard reboot the Smartphone

 Despite being an age-old trick, the troubleshooting step works wonders most of the time. Most error messages like ‘camera not working’ get resolved by it. Before reboot, ensure that the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Now power drain the device by keeping pressed both the Power and the Home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Repeat the step once or twice again. Reboot the iPhone now and try activating the Facetime app.

  • Disable restrictions

 If you get an error message, ‘Facetime Not Available’, it could be because of error in restrictions. The app might be blocked there. For resolution; go to Settings>> General >> Restrictions. Disable Restrictions by typing in your restrictions pass code. Now try to get the Facetime app activated.

If you are not able to disable restrictions due to other apps running, then you must verify that Facetime lists under ‘Allowed Apps’ and is turned on. Sometimes the app does not work as it is disabled under restrictions.

  • Turn the Airplane mode on and off

This takes care of any dumb hiccup in the system. Turning the airplane mode on and turning it off after a few seconds should do the trick. Try getting the Facetime app to work now.

  • Sign-out Apple ID / Sign-in

 Signing out and then signing back in with your Apple ID within Facetime is being touted by many as a good fix for the Facetime activation issue. If it works well for you, you will be delirious with joy. 

  • Turn off Facetime and then reboot the device 

This is believed to be a solution given by Apple customer care reps. Disable the Facetime app from the Settings Menu and then reboot the device. Once your device is up and ready; enable back the Facetime and see if it gets working.

  • Check the internet connectivity 

To be able to use the Facetime app, you need strong and high-speed network connectivity.  Thus, it is important to ensure the health of the network connectivity. To get it back up, you can follow the exact steps of previous troubleshooting but switching off internet connectivity tab, the Wi-Fi/ Cellular under the Settings tabs before rebooting and enabling it afterwards.

You can also reset your network settings to factory defaults via Settings << General << Reset << Reset<< Network Settings. If internet connectivity was the issue, it should get resolved here. 

  • Put your SIM card in a different phone and reset it

Weird as it may be but SIM card can also cause the ‘Facetime not working’ error message to crop up. You can try taking out the SIM card and putting it back in. If the formula does not work, then you can place the SIM card in a different iPhone and Reset all Contents and Settings by following the below mentioned paths

Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings.

Now replace back the SIM in the original phone and try. More often than not, it resolves the issue.

  • Update to the latest version of iOS 

Updating the software on your device can often fix many issues and get the app working again especially if your iOS is over a year old. For it, you can go to Settings<< General<< Software Update.

  • Contact your carrier

 It is important to verify that your carrier supports the Facetime app and do not have any limiting condition on it.

Finally, if nothing else works, you can take a backup of your mobile device and reset the device. These should have resolved your issue for you. Do share your experiences about it in the section below.

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